Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart: Seek Soul Nourishment First

February 21, 2016 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Soul Care Passage: John 6:25–6:40

Question: Typically, Monday is blue, Tuesday green, Thursday is red, Friday white and Saturday is yellow. Where will you find these colors?
Answer: Twist ties on bread! (Based on the day it was baked)
* Did you know that? Check it out next time you’re at the grocery store. The colors are alphabetical and can tell you how fresh the bread you’re buying is.


In today’s Scripture, the crowd is hungry for more of the bread and fish Jesus fed them. But Jesus came to do a greater miracle than feed hungry bellies — He came to nourish hearts. Steve brings us a sermon called, “Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart: Seek Soul Nourishment First.”

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