Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

February 28, 2016 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Difficult Truths Passage: John 6:41–6:71

Question: Before a person turns 40, they will have owned 30 of these. What are they?
Answer: Pairs of sunglasses
That’s a lot of sunglasses! Is this true for you? Would you say the number is more? less? Maybe by the time you’re 40, you will have figured out how to hold on to sunglasses and not lose them.

But some things can be a little harder to hold on to. Like holding on to one’s faith in Jesus. Today, we will look at some folks who found that following Jesus was harder than they thought in a sermon from Pastor Jill called, “Choking on the Bread of Life” OR “Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones”.

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