Seven Bees for Better Judging

April 3, 2016 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Judging Others Passage: John 7:14–7:28

Question: A new survey ranked the most common ways people destroy their phones. 42% said what?
Answer: Washing Machine!
How many of you have put your phone through the washing machine? There are lots of ways to damage or destroy a phone. There are also lots of ways to damage or destroy people’s faith. For example, when there is abuse by a person is a position of trust. Or when "So-called Christians" lie, steal, or cheat. Here's another: when we judge ourselves to be better than others. Especially when we’re not.

This morning, we will look at what Scripture says about judging others. Then we'll examine ourselves and participate in communion. Steve’s message is called, “Seven Bees for Better Judging”

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