Lies The Father of Lies Told Me

April 24, 2016 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Lies and the Damage They Cause Passage: John 8:31–8:44

According to a new survey, 24% of American adults say it's okay to lie to the IRS. Are you one of them? Some of us think it’s okay to lie, cheat, and steal from people if they meet certain conditions. For example, if they are corrupt or rich or foreign or if they have lied or stolen from us somehow.

In John 8, Jesus calls Satan “The Father of Lies.” Satan lies because it’s his nature -- it’s all he knows. And do you know who he enjoys lying to? YOU. And to your friends and family. Are you aware of that? Of how he does it? And the toil it takes? This morning, Steve shares a sermon called “Lies The Father of Lies Told Me…And The Damage It Does.”

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