The Critical Journey

September 11, 2016 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: The Gospel of John

Passage: John 12:37–12:50

Question: More than half of us have tried to do this while on vacation … and failed. What is it?
Answer: Disconnect from social media!

Have you tried to disconnect from social media like Instagram? Facebook? Pinterest? Others? Were you successful?

It's not easy to pull away from the world and all of it's insanity. But as things reached their greatest intensity, that's what Jesus and his disciples did. At points, we may be wise to do the same.  

This morning we arrive at a pivotal moment in our study of the Gospel of John. Jesus hour of trial has come. It won't be easy. It's not for us either. But sometimes the only way out is through. Steve's message is called, "The Critical Journey." 

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