Abide in Me: Yes, But How?

February 19, 2017 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: The Vine and the Branches Passage: John 15:9–15:17

Question: The average person eats eight pounds of grapes a year. What percentage of grapes grown in the US are used for making wine?
A. 10%
B. 25%
C. 50%
D. 75%
Answer: C. About 50% of the grapes grown in the US are used for making wine. Approximately 70% of world grape production is used for wine! 

The grape is one of the oldest fruits to be cultivated, thus it is mentioned often in the Bible, including today’s text. It’s awesome that Jesus uses this sweet and wonderful fruit to describe his relationship to us.

This Sunday, we will take a careful look at what it means to obey Jesus’ command, “Abide in me.” There will be mystery, to be sure; but there will be practical application as well. With the help of the Holy Spirit, may we abide in his love, bear much fruit, know his joy, and glorify his name.

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